Sunday, December 3, 2006

Shroud of Mystery

As reported by The Statesman last week, Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack became the first Democrat to officially throw his hat in the 2008 Presidential ring. In our effort to keep you informed, The Statesman will examine each Presidential aspirant’s stance on the issues which affect you. This week we will examine the record of Tom Vilsack.

Despite being governor for two complete terms, Tom Vilsack’s stance on many important issues is undefined. On abortion, homosexual rights, and gun control, little information is available for us to analyze. However, we will examine the issues on which Vilsack has made a stance as governor.

On Foreign Policy:

“Vilsack proposed pulling troops out of southern and central Iraq, where most of the violence is occurring…But Vilsack said he would maintain some troops in the northern part of the country to allow for a quick response if the stability of the Mideast is at stake.

“A military presence may also be necessary to put pressure on Iran to stop its nuclear program, he said. Vilsack called for more aggressive diplomacy to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

“Once American troops are out of harm's way in Iraq, he said he'd encourage regional involvement in reconstruction.” (

I’m sure Iran would gladly help us construct and protect Iraqi democracy.

However, Vilsack did take a stand against the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty, commenting that the treaty must include emissions reductions by ALL countries, not merely the industrialized West. (

On Domestic Policy:

“Vilsack in 2002 advocated and signed a law making English Iowa's official language,” though he has since apologized to minority groups.


Vilsack also supports school choice. (

Surprisingly, Vilsack supports the creation of retirement savings accounts, a measure supported by most conservatives and decried as “privatization” by liberals. (

However, Tom Vilsack vehemently opposes measure which would create a national sales tax in place of the income tax.

Needless to say, more information is needed about Tom Vilsack’s stance on the issues. Though a cursory examination of the above information would seem to indicate he is a political moderate, Vilsack must make more of his views public before he is to garner support from either side of the aisle.


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Elizabeth said...

"I’m sure Iran would gladly help us construct and protect Iraqi democracy."

of course. :P

Wow, "regional cooperation"? I'd like to see how that'd be played out!