Wednesday, December 6, 2006

John Edwards Lines up Support

You heard it According to the New York Times, John Edwards is lining up support from donors for a 2008 Presidential run. However, there is simply NO way that the Democrats will pick Edwards to represent their party in the upcoming elections. First off, he is a former one-term Senator from North Carolina. On top of that, he missed several major senatorial votes and was absent from the Senate on most occassions. It still astonishes me that the Democrats picked him for Vice-President last time around. Our favorite personal injury lawyer lacks any real political acumen or experience. The Democrats learned their lesson the last time around. Furthermore, Edwards will need to raise a significant amount of capital before he can even run for the nomination. It takes a lot of ambulance chasing to raise 10 million dollars.

Poll of the Week: What should John Edwards do?
A. Run for President
B. Run for Senate
C. Chase more ambulances
D. Become a fashion model

Let me know what you think by posting a comment on this article.



Anonymous said...

I'm sure he'd do well in the fashion industry :P -andrew

Elizabeth said...

^ditto. who knows? maybe he could raise money that way. ;)

Jonathan said...

He should do all four:
1. Become a fashion model
2. Become involved in numerous accidents and sue the doctors who treat him
3. Run for Senate and drop out to create publicity
4. Run for president witht the money all of this generates

progman89 said...

definitely D.