Thursday, November 30, 2006

Iowa Governor Launches Presidential Bid

The AP is reporting that Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack has officially entered the 2008 Presidential contest. Vilsack, whose second term as Governor will expire this January, is the first Democratic Party candidate to officially declare his candidacy.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Breaking News: Radiation Found on Two British Airways Aircraft

According to the Times of London, small amounts of radiation have been detected on two British Airways flights which recently returned from Moscow. The radiation was detected in connection with the investigation into the death of former KGB agent Alexander Litvineko. British Home Secretary John Reid will hold a news conference later on tonight to discuss the investigation.,,2-2478909,00.html


The Google Revolution

Google has been accused of many things: patent infringement, intellectual copyright violations, and even (by some) of attempting to take over the world. But the Financial Times has leveled another accusation at the media mogul. Apparently, Google Earth has been boosting democratic activism in the Middle Eastern country of Bahrain. According to last Sunday’s issue of the Financial Times, Google Earth is inspiring a revolution in the tiny kingdom.

Ever since the government of Bahrain blocked Google Earth due to its privacy violations of royal palaces, nearly everyone in the country has been Googling their nation. As is common with situation like this, the governmental ban has brought the use of the internet – and the visitation to banned websites – back in vogue. For instance, traffic on the website of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights has increased three times. The opening up of Bahrain to technological advancement has had some surprising results.

Through using Google Earth, every Bahraini can see the societal stratification which exists in the region. Bahrain businessman Mahmood al-Yousif had this to say about the effect Google is having upon the country: “Some of the palaces take up more space than three or four villages nearby, and block access to the sea for fishermen. People knew this already. But they never saw it. All they saw were the surrounding walls.” Mr. Yousif and other activists believe that the increasing use of technology will lead to a more egalitarian society.

According to the Financial Times, unemployment is endemic among the lower classes. Up to 80% of the available land is owned by the aristocracy and royals, giving the lower classes little opportunity for advancement. As more and more people log on to the internet and visit their miniscule kingdom from cyberspace, the disproportionate wealth and land distribution will become even more apparent. In much the same way that technology is opening up China to outside influence, the increasing us of the internet – especially Google Earth – may bring the country of Bahrain out of the shadows and into the light of democracy


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gingrich: Free Speech Laws May Need to be Altered

Former Speaker of the House and possible Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said that the threat of terrorism may require an altering in this country's free speech laws. Speaking at the Manchester Awards Banquet, Gingrich signaled that a "different set of rules" need to be implemented in order to stop terrorist recruiting. What do you think?


Impeached Judge will NOT become Committee Chairman

In a surprise decision, sources close to the new Speaker of the House indicate that Representative Alcee Hastings will not become the committee chair for the House Intelligence Committee. Who knows? Maybe it was the firestorm caused by this blog's article entitled "Culture of Corruption" that led Nancy Pelosi to side against Hastings. However, it is still not clear whether Hastings will run for a subcommittee chair.

*Check this blog tomorrow for a commentary on the revolution Google Earth is inspiring in the Middle East*


Monday, November 27, 2006

Article of the Week

In the December 4th issue of the Weekly Standard, William Kristol and Robert Kagan have an excellent article regarding the doctrine of appeasment as it pertains to the War in Iraq. The authors argue that appeasing Iran, Syria, and Hamas in order to facilitate a withdraw from Iraq would damage US credibility, while winning us few friends.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Obama '08?

The Des Moines Register reported today that Illinois Senator Barack Obama has consulted top political advisors in Iowa regarding a possible 2008 Presidential run. Sources close to the first-term Senator disclose that Obama will likely make a decision regarding a Presidential run within the next few weeks.


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Top Saturday News Stories

New York Times: Mass. Governor Mitt Romney Sues to Compel Same-Sex Marriage Vote

Newsweek: Democratic Representative Bill Jefferson being investigated by the FBI.

Newsweek: America not ready for a Mormon President.

Christian Science Monitor: Holiday Spending Expected to grow by 5%

Reuters: Former Abu Ghraib Prison Commander Says Rumsfeld Approved Prisoner Abuse

Human Events Online: University of Michigan will do “whatever it takes” to continue Affirmative Action.

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Conservative Majority

Though voters may have repudiated the Republican Party in the midterm elections, they clearly haven’t turned their back on Conservatism itself. A cursory examination of the various ballot initiatives in states around the country prove what the mainstream media fails to recognize: the average American is not a liberal, but a moderate conservative. For instance, seven (7) states passed amendments in support of traditional marriage. The only states to reject such an amendment was Arizona, where the proposition failed by two (2) percentage points. Considering that over a dozen states passed similar amendments in the 2004 elections, well over one third of states have passed constitutional amendments which define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. In some states, like Alabama, the initiative garnered support from 81% of the voters. Colorado voters also soundly rejected a proposition which would create domestic partner benefits for homosexual couples.

In the wake of last years Supreme Court ruling Kelo v. City of New London, over six (6) states passed amendments which limit the ability of the government to seize property via eminent domain. Initiatives which dealt with illegal immigration also met with rousing support. The voters in Arizona approved a plan which would deny bail to illegal immigrants involved in violent crimes. Colorado passed a more stringent measure which called for increased immigration enforcement.

More surprisingly, Michigan passed a ballot measure which bans affirmative action throughout the state. Colorado voters rejected an amendment which would have allowed an individual to possess less than one ounce of marijuana legally, and the citizens of Nevada rejected a similar measure. And finally, Arizona passed an amendment making English the official language of the state.

So what does all this information tell us? First of all, it indicates that the American people are far more conservative than the media would have us believe. Measures which protect traditional marriage, property rights, and repeal affirmative action are not initiatives which liberals favor. However, some measures which conservatives oppose also fell afoul of the voters. Six (6) states passed minimum wage hikes. Now, few states in the union adhere to the federal minimum wage of $5.15. In fact, the minimum wage in some states is as high as $7.00 an hour. Overall, however, the American people are moderate conservatives who favor initiatives which protect traditional American values and limit governmental intrusions into our lives.

The success and failure of certain ballot measures also tells us something about the Republican Party. After all, Republicans recently lost their majority in both houses of Congress and support for the President is hovering around 40%. This indicates that the Republican Party has drifted astray from its Conservative moorings and failed to deliver on its many promises to the American people. A perfunctory examination of the ballot initiatives this past election should bring hope, and regret, to all Conservatives. Regret for the time lost in implementing Social Security reform, Medicare reform, immigration reform, and a limiting of governmental power. But hope in the future of Conservatism and the American dream. A hope that one day, leaders will arise who will deliver on their promises and stand on principle.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Top News Stories of the Week

Breaking News: **Poisoned ex-KGB Spy Dies.**

Both Fox News and the Drudge Report are reporting that a former KGB spy who was poisoned three weeks ago has died of heart failure. Some suggest that Alexander Litvinenko's poisoning was ordered directly by Russian President Vladamir Putin.

The Assasination of the Lebanese Minister of Industry, Pierre Gemayel, Sparks Tension in the Region .

New Party, New Lobbyists, Same Old Problem.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Culture of Corruption

One reason voters gave for rejecting Republican candidates this past election cycle was the “culture of corruption” which permeated the national Republican Party. The Mark Foley and Tom Delay scandals have harmed the image of the party, though not irreparably. Though most Americans have knowledge of Republican ethics failings, only a few Americans seem to realize that the party they just gave a majority in the House and Senate has far fewer ethical scruples than their predecessors. John Murtha, Alcee Hastings, and Denny Hoyer are three senior democrats whose ethical failings supersede any Republican ethics violations, real or imaginary.

Last week, John Murtha lost in his bid to become House Majority leader. However, he did receive a significant amount of support from his party and its leader, Nancy Pelosi. In fact, John Murtha was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Abscam investigation of several years back. In a conversation with undercover FBI agents posing as Arab sheiks, Murtha said he would not accept a bribe…yet. The following is an excerpt from the conversation between the undercover agents and John Murtha. The full text is available at

AMOROSO: Let me ask you now we're here together. I was under the impression, okay, and I told Howard we were willing to pay. And, okay, [opens the drawer and shows money] I went out and got the fifty thousand. From what you're telling me, you're telling me that's not what, you know, that that's not what you...

MURTHA: I'm not interested.


MURTHA: At this point.


MURTHA: You know, we do business for a while, maybe I'll be interested, maybe I won't, you know.

AMOROSO: Okay, hey like I say, if the way you're wanting to do business is by us investing, or putting some money in a bank that you either owe a favor or they owe you a favor, or if we put the money in they'll do something for you, if that's the way you want the favor, that's fine. Okay? What I told Howard, when I mentioned it to Howard, I said to him, "Look, it's worth fifty thousand." I said, if, as honest as I am with you, and I told him I says, "If...the thing were to change, if for some reason it changes, whoever the guy is has got the option, either he says, 'Hey, that's not what you told me, based on that, I can't do anything for you,' or..."

MURTHA: I wouldn't do business any other way.

Murtha has also referred to the ethics reform supported by Nancy Pelosi as “crap”.

And yet, Murtha is hardly the most corrupt member of the new majority. Alcee Hastings, who will now become the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Terror and Homeland Security, is the epitome of corruption. However, few Americans know of Congressman Hastings previous occupation. Alcee Hastings was once a federal judge in the state of Florida. Several years after his appointment, Hastings was impeached for corruption and perjury after he solicited a bribe. And no, he was not impeached by a Republican Congress. He was impeached by a Democratic controlled House. Even Nancy Pelosi voted to impeach Hastings. But now Hastings has the honor of serving as a representative of the state of Florida and a senior member in the Democratic Party.

Alas, even the new House Majority leader is far from innocent. The November issue of the Washington Monthly had this to say about Hoyer:

“The enthusiasm with which Hoyer has raised money from K Street, his resistance to serious lobbying reform, and his general comfort with the Washington establishment all imply a politician with little interest in systemic change. Indeed, Hoyer’s contention that the problem lies not with lobbying practices as a whole, but rather with individual corrupt members of Congress, suggests he genuinely sees little need for such change.”

Though they may have regained power, the American people will not be fooled long. The true colors of the Democrats will soon be shown. Their party does not represent the party of change and transparency. Au Contraire. Allowing men like Murtha, Hastings, and Hoyer to lead them, the Democratic Party has sealed its own fate and lost the opportunity to bring ethics reform to Washington.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Top News Stories of the Week

John McCain launches exploratory committee for a possible 2008 Presidential run.,2933,228900,00.html

Friction between the European Union and Turkey might tear apart any chance Turkey has of joining the EU.

Germany may charge Donald Rumsfeld over Prisoner Abuse.,8816,1557842,00.html

Elton John: "I would ban religion completely."


Friday, November 10, 2006

Why We Lost

It was indeed a dark week for the Republican Party. The loss of Senators such as Conrad Burns, Jim Talent, Mike Dewine, Rick Santorum, and George Allen is not only a blow to the Republican party, it is also a blow to this country. The innagural post of this blog is dedicated to the Conservative ideal embodied by these noble warriors.

When Republicans took back the House of Representatives in 1994, we all expected the country to change. What is remarkable, is, in fact, how little it changed. With Newt Gingrich's "Contract for America", Conservatives and Moderates alike believed that the Republican Party would succeed in making the country a better place. Hopes were high that the Republican Congress would fix Social Security, Medicare, Immigration, and a host of similar problems plaguing this country.

However, as time went on, it became clear that the Republicans would not fix these problems. Most of the party gave up on Gingrich's "Contract for America" and contented themselves with remaining in power by embracing the status quo.

In the past dozen years of Republican dominance in Congress, little has changed. The reforms we were promised never occurred, the ideals we held in common were never put into practice. The Republicans defeated themselves this past Tuesday. They defeated themselves because they lost sight of their goals, embraced partisan politics, and lost the backbone to deal with issues of national importance. While the Republicans did make some progress (the partial birth abortion ban), they deserved to lose the election. They failed their Conservative base, the Republican Party, and the American people.