Thursday, December 7, 2006

Democrats and Socialists: Kindred Spirits

European socialists pledged to renew strong ties with the United States government now that the Democratic Party is back in charge. According to Reuters, the Portugese socialist President said that Democrats can count on the support of European socialists. This should surprise few of you. For years now, the Democratic Party has been led by those who support many of the policies of socialism: universal healthcare, a large government bureaucracy, and wealth redistribution. The Democratic Party's pandering to socialists should be a warning signal to all of us. If you want higher taxes and more governmental control over your life, then by all means, vote Democrat.


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Sean said...

Socialism has been growing in America ever since FDR was President. What many Americans fail to realize is that Socialism and Communism are essentially the same. Communism destroyed Russia. It ruined their economy, turned the people into beggars, and removed the freedoms of almost all the citizens. Our Founding Fathers created a free and prosperous country and I think we need to make sure it stays that way.