Monday, January 8, 2007

Schwarzenegger Proposes Healthcare for All

Earlier today, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled a comprehensive plan to fix the growing healthcare problems faced by many Americans. With up to 20% of Californians uninsured, there is reason for swift action. However, Governor Schwarzenegger's response to California's healthcare conundrum is also a reason for alarm.

For most of his political career, California's governor has been an outspoken critic of communism and authoritarian governmental power. Growing up in Austria during the zenith of Communism in Europe had a profound impact upon his life...or so he claims. Arnold Schwarzenegger's healthcare plan should make every American question his resolve to fight overarching federal power. Though the goals of his plan - halting the rise of medical and insurance costs while expanding insurance coverage - are noble, his plan to achieve them is nothing short of .

First off, the governor wants to ban insurance companies from refusing to cover certain individuals, taking away the principle of free enterprise and non-intervention which has allowed America's economy to remain, in the governor's own words at the 2004 Republican National Convention, "the envy of the world".

Second, children whose parents live in abject poverty would receive free health insurance provided by the state. Surprisingly, this would include the children of illegal aliens living in the state of California, giving many poor Mexican workers an added incentive to cross the border illegally. The governor went on to say to the Los Angeles Times that every person in California must have health insurance, even if the state must purchase it for them.

Thankfully, the Republican leader of the California Assembly joined the cacophony of voices raised from business leaders who correctly see their rights being abridged. The answer to rising healthcare costs is not an increase in governmental power and involvement, but an end to the excessive government regulation of the healthcare industry. When government violates the sanctity of the private sector, it only hurts the very causes it claims to champion. Allowing people to control more of their own money instead of losing it to an expanding federal behemoth is the only way to ensure that every person has the capital to purchase health insurance.


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