Thursday, January 11, 2007

Please, No More Senators!

If the past 5 decades have told us anything, it is that sitting United States Senators have an extremely difficult time achieving the nation's highest office. So when I read the news (with a look of chagrine, I might add) that Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd and Delaware Senator Joseph Biden entered the 2008 Presidential race I was somewhat surprised. For some reason or another, Northeastern liberal Senators still insist that they have broad appeal with the electorate. Together, Dodd and Biden have spent over half of a century in the Senate, and both of them are clearly Washington insiders.

Dodd and Biden will have to overcome the exact same hurdles Senator Kerry unsuccessfully jumped. According to Time Magazine, Biden (who has spent over half of his life in the Senate) is "Very much a creature of Washington and often sounds like it when he's delivering long-winded answers on Sunday talk shows." Sound familiar? The other Kerry clone, Senator Chris Dodd, brings his fiery nature to the table, something the voters will assuredly find repugnant.

Needless to say, both of these men must overcome the stigma of being Washington insiders if they are going to make it past Iowa. All things considered, I believe both Dodd’s and Biden’s Presidential bids will meet with the same success as those of Senator Kerry.


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Caleb said...

If senators have slim chances of getting elected, republicans will be hurting too, since most republican hopefuls are also senators.