Monday, February 5, 2007

Coming Soon...

Though this blog rarely delves into issues of morality and religion, I will be suspending this injunction for an upcoming post. Due to the relevance and applicability of this topic to everyday life, I am currently working on an article entitled, "A Moral Dilemma: The Illegality of File Sharing" which will deal with the issue of file sharing from a legal and Christian standpoint. Though some individuals' views on this issue are rooted in dogmatism, I am nonetheless hoping that I will sway some of you to my side. Though this article will not be finished until sometime next week, feel free to enjoy the archives (especially my personal favorite: "The Conservative Majority":)


1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Hrm...sounds intriguing.

After long ammounts of deliberation, I know that I, personally, have established a set of convictions on the morality of filesharing. (Unfortunately, this means that in order to keep my music collection, I need to buy about $40 worth of music from iTunes...but ah well ;)).

I look forward to your post =).